Mistress Vanessa Sensual Domination

It’s difficult sometimes to find a good Mistress for serious Phone Sex Domination. Not because there are not talented phone sex operators out there, but because so many do not have real-life experience AND experience in long-distance training. To get quality phone sex domination one really has to have a combination of experiences. Enter Mistress …

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The Brutality of Bad Bonnie

Hardcore Phone Sex Domination Bonnie is a quirky lady with a wicked sense of humor and a spunky personality. But when “Bad” Bonnie appears you had better get your shit together fast. Bonnie likes all types of calls really but she excels at Hardcore Phone Sex Domination. There is nothing gentle about a phone sex …

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Phone Sex Humiliation with the Queen

Phone Sex Humiliation Annie is a sexy and intelligent woman. She’s friendly and warm, so overall she has a great personality. But deep inside of the pretty smile and all-American gal look…is the Queen of Phone Sex Humiliation. Annie’s secret fetish is humiliating silly men and laughing her hot little ass off. She’s absolutely fetish-friendly, …

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