The Brutality of Bad Bonnie

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Hardcore Phone Sex Domination

Bonnie is a quirky lady with a wicked sense of humor and a spunky personality. But when “Bad” Bonnie appears you had better get your shit together fast. Bonnie likes all types of calls really but she excels at Hardcore Phone Sex Domination. There is nothing gentle about a phone sex domination session with her. She knows how to coerce, demand, and play psychological head games with men. She loves CBT and other torturous methods to punish. And she is going to mess with you in a way so that she absolutely gets to punish you. Phone Sex domination with Bonnie is rough. She likes both verbal and physical humiliation. She can take a sissy under her wing, laugh at him, and corrupt him into testing his limits. Bonnie is a true badass! Don’t fuck with her. She’s not a screamer and doesn’t come at you like the drill Sergent in Full Metal Jacket. She has a super calm and sarcastic tone to her voice while giving you 50 lashes. She is not afraid of laughing out loud about her orders. Maybe, if you do well, Bonnie will give you that sweet release. But first, this phone sex domination badass is going to make you earn it.

Bonnie’s Extension is 16


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5 Minute Quickie $10

$2.00 per minute thereafter.

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US and Canadian Residents only!

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Phone Sex is for men who want to open up, try new things, and let someone else take the reins of control without having it affect their real lives. Things that you act out in a fantasy roleplay are not always things you’d do in your real life. That’s ok though and really what phone sex is intended for. Because calling a phone sex service isn’t an emotional commitment or intimacy to anyone, it’s fairly safe to say that you don’t have to be cautious with your desires. A phone sex operator is normally open-minded and can deal with nearly any type of fantasy. Great phone sex starts with the mind…it’s YOUR fantasy but we can take over and bring you to a powerful climax! You can relax and not worry because all of our phone sex operators know how to handle any subject, topic, and fantasy. You see, our lovely horny phone sex girls do not have taboos. That means that literally, anything goes on your private and personal call. Come on, stroke your cock to a creamy climax with one of our naughty ladies that know how to deliver the ultimate in pleasure and fantasy.

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