The Southern Belle that Fucks

Phone Sex with Neisha

A lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets.

Sure that statement above is a cliche… but a true one. I have heard so many guys say that is the kind of woman he wants so it has always stuck with me. In my case the saying fits me perfectly. I am definitely one of those women that everyone sees and they would swear up and down that I was ‘a nice girl’. One that might wear clothes a little too revealing but isn’t that how all the girls are wearing their clothes?

Before I get into that, let me tell you about myself. First and foremost, I’m a sexy Mocha colored Southern Bell. As sweet as tea in all ways. With the straight sass you get when you see a tall dark woman walking down the street. I have long lean legs that come from my favorite exercise. Stripping. I don’t strip professionally. My side job is bartending. I will every once in a while take the stage during an amateur night. As well as I have a friend who teaches a class in sexy stripping for bored housewives in an upscale gym. Luckily for me I can go for free. Because sometimes it is hard being the only dark girl in a sea of white. Ok I am just teasing but there is a perk of standing out in the crowd. However that is a story for another time.

What else can I tell you about me that will stir the imagination and make a good cock incredibly hard? My hair is long and curly that cascades down my back. At times I have had them covering my luscious tities, those drive men crazy and a few women can’t help but drool over.

During the week I am typically in my small little desk off to the side of my boss in his office. You see I work as a secretary for this small law firm down in New Orleans. So here I am in the office while he is out to ‘lunch’ with the new paralegal. Because of this I decided to use my sudden free time for some extracurricular fun. Whether it be having lunch behind closed doors with my current love. See I never said boyfriend, at the moment boyfriends, are too high maintenance I rather have a man that can satisfy my needs and just have fun.
This is just a little peek at what I do during the day. Come back and I will tell you about my night job that I do several times a week.

Want to see if my boss is already out or am I home alone for the night, put in extension 27 and see if I am available. Let’s have some fun and come.

5 Minute Quickie $10

$2.00 per minute thereafter.

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