Medical Fetish Phone Sex with Bonnie

Medical Fetish Phone Sex

Medical Fetish Phone Sex! Let’s Play Doctor because Dr. Bonnie is in!

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Hi, it’s me, Bonnie! I’d like to share with you a very special role play fantasy that I’ve enjoyed many times with a wonderful client. He has a medical fetish. I am a doctor and I examine him (as a teen boy) in front of a group of other women. He is naked and we are all clothed. He gets an erection just hearing me pull on my latex gloves and loves it when I use proper names rather than slang terms, preparing to fondle and squeeze his genitals rolling them between my fingers. Pulling and tugging and squeezing hard on his testicles causing him great discomfort yet his penis continues to grow and engorge to my touch. He can’t control his excitement as it builds. His penis begins to drip and continues to excrete the entire time I am touching him.

I instruct him to bend over the table and spread his legs while I insert two fingers inside him to check the size and firmness of his prostate until he simply cannot hold back any further and ejaculates all over the floor. The other women in the room giggle and embarrass him the entire time I am performing his examination, pointing out that he is erect and that his penis is dripping. Humiliation and pain sending him over the edge! When he begins to ejaculate I reach around and begin stroking his penis furiously draining every last drop milking it from him until he has thoroughly expelled his semen.

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$2.00 per minute thereafter.

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