Shy Guy Becomes Sex Freak

sex freak

Blind Date Turns Out to be a Sex Freak


My girlfriend really wanted to set me up on this blind date a few weeks ago. she knew this guy from work and thought he could use a self-esteem boost and knew that I could do it. He was kind of shy, soft-spoken, and quietly sweet. I agreed to give it a whirl.

She was right. He was really cute but so shy! He blushed a lot during dinner conversation and took me to a nice place.  I started playing footsies with him under the table and he seemed to like it yet was almost embarrassed. Other people in the restaurant noticed what I was doing but I didn’t give a shit. He was so awkward, almost like a virgin would behave. I wondered about it and thought I should give him a “pity fuck” for the hell of it.

When dinner was over we headed out to the parking lot and got into his car.  I crawled over the front seats and got into the comfy back. I patted the spot next to me. He came too so awkwardly.  I kissed him and he was giggling and blushing. So sweet. But then something happened. I guess he got a huge erection and everything changed.

Suddenly my little innocent shy guy turned into a pervert! He said. “How about you suck my dick you horny bitch”? Ohhh he likes rough!

I was stunned but I love that kind of talk so I instantly felt my panties get sticky. I unzipped his pants and before I could even pull out his cock, he started pushing my head down. Once his dick was unleashed I gasped, he was 10 inches long easily and thick! I started kissing the head of his cock and he seemed to get annoyed. Then he told me not to bother sucking him off. What? I thought I did something wrong!

No, I didn’t. Instead, he started ripping at my clothes and told me to bend over so he could fuck me doggie style. I hiked up my skirt and he literally yanked my panties off of me.  I was so horny now I stuck my ass up in the air and gazed at him over my shoulder.  He immediately started cramming that 10 inches into me. My pussy was gleaming wet and it went in pretty easily. It was so big though, I never had a dick quite that size. The full feeling in my pussy made me want to cum right then. I had to hold it back!

When I cum my juices really POUR out of me!  I’ve been told I am one of the wettest little sluts ever!  I know he didn’t expect what happened next…..


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