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Dear Phone Sex Fans, Admirers, and Connoisseurs…

I’d like to take a few moments to introduce myself and give you some confidence in using my phone sex service. My name is Lynnea and I run® as an independent phone sex girl. Being just a one-woman show… I can’t possibly be available all of the time. I also realize that my callers enjoy a little “variety”. So I’ve brought my loyal callers another option…. Fone Flirts… the sequel!

I know every single one of these flirts and I have trained them, given them advice and I like them as women! Some are older than me, some are younger but… they are definitely perverted and kinky chicks that I know you will like!

The ladies here are different from me in the fact that they offer completely unrestricted no taboo sex talk. Anything goes with them. These Flirts NEVER see, or obtain your personal information… EVER. None of the ladies you speak with will know anything further than your name. And if you’d like… you can use a fake name with the girls. All of your billing info must be accurate of course.

There are no dispatchers or receptionists because my telephone system is automated. This means YOU have control over your money. You can add as much or as little funds as you like and not worry about time ticking away or running up your charges. We also bill to the second rather than rounding minutes up, as most companies do. This provides more accurate billing.

Read over this site, and feel free to contact me by email with questions about it. But make sure you have some nasty fun!






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Your Privacy
Pay by Phone

$10 phone sex

No Mail Outs to your home! Time for calls is billed down to the second and minutes are not "rounded up". Billing is more accurate with fewer errors. You have more control over what you spend with our automated system.

Pay Online

You can create an account online, add funds to your account, and then go wild with your phone sex fantasy with any lady of your choosing. It's EASY! And there are cool features. You can send messages to every girl to ask her if she would enjoy your fantasy completely for free. You can save your "favorites" so you always have quick access to them! There is so much more! 


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Your Privacy

Because we deeply care about your privacy we have set up a telephone system where you can enter all of your own credit card details. You have the control over what you spend, no operator can rack up the minutes with us. But also your information is NEVER in the hands of a live human. 


The system is Automated. You'll enter all of your own details when you call. But when you call again, the system is so advanced that it will remember you by your telephone number. The result is much quicker call transfers and very little hold time to get to the action!


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